At Square One, we have the wonderful opportunity to be greeted every day by beautiful, smiling children, who come to us with boundless energy and an unquenchable thirst for learning. We have the great fortune of working with families who are driven to do everything in their power to make a better life for themselves and their children. But behind the happy faces, the playful energy and the motivation to build a better future are some tremendous hardships that are truly unthinkable for many of us.

Poverty. Food insecurity. Homelessness. Addiction. Unemployment. Incarceration. Domestic Violence. These are just a few of the many challenges that our Square One families are faced with on an ongoing basis. How can a child be expected to flourish and learn when they are faced with these hardships? Many times our staff members are asked, "How do you stay motivated when you see and hear of so many unfortunate circumstances? You must want to cry all the time." After all, no child should be hungry. No parent should have to choose between paying their rent and paying for electricity. No woman should live in fear of physical or emotional abuse.

Our community is truly blessed to have individuals, businesses and community organizations who are wholeheartedly committed to doing what's right - providing educational opportunities to all children, feeding those who are hungry, housing those who are homeless, training those in need of a job, protecting those who are vulnerable. Again, the list goes on and on... In providing us with the resources we need to meet the needs of our community's at-risk families, we know that we can build a brighter future, one family at a time.

How can YOU help?


Donation Levels

  • $10

Provides five children with a nutritious breakfast.

  • $25

Provides three homeless children with round trip transportation from a shelter to Square One.

  • $50

Provides three childcare sessions so a mom can attend her recovery meetings.

  • $100

Provides five moms with employment counseling to move them from welfare to work.

  • $250

Provides a full week of infant child care so young parents can stay in school and earn their diplomas.

  • $500

Provides developmentally appropriate learning materials for a preschool classroom.

  • $2,500

Provides staff training to ensure quality programming.

  • $5,000

Sponsors a preschool classroom for a full year.

  • $25,000

Earns you a place in heaven!