What happens when like-minded organizations come together with a common purpose? SUCCESS! Just ask Jennifer DeChristopher, a current Square One Healthy Families participant who recently graduated from the Foot in the Door program. In complement to the benefits she is realizing from being part of Healthy Families, Jennifer credits Foot in the Door with giving her the motivation and support she needed to build her resume, search for a job, perfect her interview skills, and earn her National Career Readiness Certificate.

Foot in the Door is a Dress for Success initiative offered in partnership with Square One and Springfield Technical Community College with support from the region’s businesses and community organizations. The 14-week workforce development initiative designed to support underemployed women on their quest to financial independence. The most recent cohort was funded by the Davis Foundation and United Bank.

The weekly sessions are held at the Square One Family Center in Springfield, where participants receive free childcare throughout the program.