Dear Friends, 

One of the best parts of my job is when I get to spend time in our classrooms and family centers. I am always impressed when I have the opportunity to experience our Square One staff in action.

Recently, I visited our King Street Learning Center and met a delightful little boy named Jack. At two years old, Jack had charmed the entire staff at the center with his bright smile, happy giggle, and loving personality.

But life hasn’t been easy for sweet little Jack. Diagnosed at an early age with Autism, Square One was the latest in a long list of child care providers for Jack and his family. Past providers had struggled to get him to follow instructions and engage with the other children; and his family was constantly searching for the right fit for him.

All that changed when they met longtime Square One educators Judy Williams and Lynne Malone. Both were a little nervous at first, but after only two weeks, Jack was thriving. His past behavior of biting and kicking had virtually vanished and Jack had become an active participant in the toddler classroom.  He made friends with the other children and quickly became a shining star at the center. Jack’s parents couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress they have seen in Jack since he joined the Square One family.

Jack is one of thousands of success stories at Square One and Judy and Lynne are two of our most dedicated, talented teachers. We couldn’t be more grateful for their commitment to the children and families who rely on Square One.

As we celebrate teacher appreciation this month, I want to thank Judy and Lynne and all of our extraordinarily talented educators who work tirelessly to provide a bright future for all of our children and their families.


Joan Kagan

President & CEO