Current Square One Programs

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Supervised Visitation Program

Square One’s Supervised Visitation Program provides a safe and child friendly environment for visits between parents and their child or children under the supervision of the supervised visitation coordinator.

Learn & Earn Program

Square One is now offering a FREE education and career building program for young parents ages 16-24, who are seeking to earn their high school equivalency diploma and begin building their careers while raising their children. Youth attend classes as well as work throughout the week.

Early Education & Care

Square One operates four children's centers within the city of Springfield and one in Holyoke. Centers open between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. and remain open as late as 5:30 p.m. Programs at our centers vary depending on the age and development of enrolled children, but always focus on providing opportunities for children to grow strong cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically.

Turning Points

Parent education services for incarcerated and post incarcerated parents. Individual support services are provided for newly released mothers from Chicopee Women’s Correctional Facility. Family support groups for those who have temporary guardianship of the children whose parent is incarcerated.

Square One Rewards

Incentive program for parents and earning "Square Bucks" by participating in home visits and support programs. These can be redeemed at our Rewards Store.

Parents Helping Parents

Weekly support for anyone parenting a child including grandparents, mothers, fathers or foster parents. This group provides a safe confidential environment where parents are able to express their successes and challenges of being a parent. This is a great opportunity to gather with other parents who may share similar experiences.

External Child Care

Please call us to discuss how we can tailor high quality child care services to meet the particular needs of your group. Services can be offered at your site or ours; for a special event or an ongoing need. For more information please contact Tracie Kennedy at 413-732-5183 x1114

Launch Program

Formerly known as Go Fit, Square One's commitment to the LAUNCH program provides low income children the opportunity to participate in daily physical activity whether it is during the summer months or academic school year.

School Age Child Care

Children entrusted to our care are given the chance to learn, grow and build skills to help them succeed in school and in life. We provide after school care for children from Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Our program includes physical fitness, nutrition, literacy support, homework help and academic skill building, and much more…

Healthy Families Springfield

Home visits and group services for first time parents under 21. Our program is parent-driven; families choose their own goals and work in a close working relationship with a home visitor. Both young mothers and fathers are encouraged to participate in our program, either individually or together. Funded by the Children’s Trust Fund.